Not An Exit

•April 2, 2010 • 1 Comment

Haha…saw this in a post office while I was back in Ohio. I had a good laugh. I wish I could have been there to see the people who tried to exit through the solid glass wall.


Behind the Board – Lesson #1 – Being Teachable

•April 1, 2010 • 1 Comment

A big shift has occurred in my mixing lately. The past year has been a huge challenge for me as I’ve felt like I’ve been running into a brick wall…I’d be running Front of House for a weekend at New Life Church (my home church, for those of you who don’t know), and I’d have what I believed to be a great mix.

Turns out our senior pastor has an extremely critical ear. Inevitably, he’d walk back to the board on Saturday night with a series of recommendations for my mix. Honestly, there are times when those critiques would be downright deflating. I’d tweak the mix, absolutely convinced that my mix was being compromised as I complied to his requests.

Well, weeks passed, and I realized something interesting…turns out, 98% of the time, he had valid points. Somehow, our church has been blessed with a senior pastor that is so attentive to detail…and over time, I realized that by heeding to these suggestions, my mixes became more mature and refined.

Now, I know that you may not have a pastor that knows a lot about running FOH. But I have found that, while most pastors have a hard time articulating what they don’t particularly like about a mix, they do have valid perceptions.

For instance, I’ve heard many FOH Engineers complain that their pastor doesn’t like cymbals. This was the case at NLC. After some discussion with him, I realized that this wasn’t completely accurate. It wasn’t that he hated cymbals, it was that oftentimes, when the cymbals were prominent in the mix, a whole slew of harsh frequencies accompanied them. The root cause was not the cymbals themselves, but rather the lack of aggressive EQ-ing to smooth out the overheads, and to get them to sit in their proper place in the mix.

It is a very elementary idea, but I beg you, take time to understand the requests and desires of your leadership. Don’t dismiss their critique because they lack the technical language that many of us FOH Engineers speak. Most of the time, the critique has validity to it, whether or not they are able to zero in on the root of the cause. It comes down to understanding your audience — you will never be successful if you don’t make the conscious attempt to understand what your audience/leadership wants to hear.

It takes patience, and it takes a conscious effort. But, I promise that if you take the time and effort to understand the underlying perceptions that accompany the critique, and humble yourself to be teachable…your mixes will drastically improve.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Feel free to comment!

Hillsong – Your Name High Synth Loop

•March 31, 2010 • 6 Comments

Alright…figured I’d keep them coming.

Here is the synth loop for Hillsong’s “Your Name High”. It is in the key of A, and follows closely to the synth lead played on This is Our God.

This loop runs at 141 BPM, and runs through the majority of the song.


Hillsong – Your Name High Loop

Hillsong United – Love Enough Loop

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Alright…here’s another synth lead loop. This is for Hillsong United’s “Love Enough”. It is in the key of C, and runs at 155 BPM.

In order for it to sit in the mix well, you’ll have to give it a nice dose of reverb. Due to the fact that the loop starts on the “1-and”, I didn’t put the reverb on it because of the way it would bleed into the beginning of the loop…so you’ll have to add it yourself!

Have fun!

Hillsong United – Love Enough Loop

Freedom is Here Synth Loop

•March 27, 2010 • 8 Comments

Hey guys. We’ve been doing “Freedom is Here” by Hillsong United lately. So, I made the little square-synth lead that plays through the majority of the song.

Figured I would share it with you guys!

It is in .wav format and runs at 121 BPM.

Freedom is Here Loop

Times are a’changin

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For me, there are some things that seem to stay the same. I’ll always love music. I’ll always love Jesus. Everything in between, however, seems to change on a very regular basis.

A couple of years ago, I binged on programming…making loops, sequences, etc. I still do that, but it has found its proper place (it is mererly one tool available for writing and arranging).

Then, I got really interested in front of house as well as the studio environment…It is not uncommon for me to spend hours upon hour on forums reading about mics, systems, techniques, concepts, etc. I love it. I spend countless hours thinking about it and talking about it.

And then there’s guitar…I’ve played for 8 years or so. It is one of those things that I always go back to. When FOH wears me out, I just want to play guitar. After spending hours on programming loops/sequences, I just want to play guitar. It is just easier. Less pressure…when you run FOH, it is like the world is on your shoulders. Don’t get me wrong, I love it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’m probably going to start talking about a lot of really nerdy stuff. Us musicians (and FOH guys) are really just nerds in disguise.

Just warning ya.


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In the beautiful (and sometimes awkward…) story found in Song of Solomon, there is a line where the lover cries out in desperation, asking anyone who sees His beloved to tell her that He is lovesick for her. In this metaphorical story, we find our Father God expressing His love to us in such an honest and a raw way…in almost a humbling way…that He has invested so much of His heart into a lover that is so often unfaithful and (frankly) disappointing, that He is literally sick with love when she is absent.

I believe that I am called to try my best to reciprocate the love that He has for me…and when I look at myself, I don’t see a person who is lovesick for Jesus…Rather, I am constantly at war with one who is lovesick for the things of the world.

Crippled by my love for material things…for status…oftentimes lovesick for a relationship that I hope to have with a significant other in the future.

I am so bothered by the fact that my lovesickness for God is most of the times less than my lovesickness for relationships…relationships that are only a dim spark in comparison to the great love that is found in the arms of the Author of Love.

Lord…I want to be lovesick for You and You alone. I want to be content in this world…but never content in my relationship with You…