Layered Delays with the Eventide Timefactor

On one of my earlier posts about the Eventide Timefactor, someone asked how one would achieve a layered delay sound (ala Nigel Hendroff of Hillsong) on the Timefactor.  You can hear this sound on songs like Mighty to Save.

The trick to doing this is actually quite simple — it is just a routing issue.  Take a look at the back panel of the Eventide:

To get the layered sound, you’ll need to first, plug your guitar into input 1.  Then, take a patch cable, and connect output 1 to input 2.  Finally, you will plug your amplifier (or the next pedal, if that is the case) into output 2.  Basically, what that is going to do is set it up so that delay 1 on your Timefactor will feed into delay 2, giving you the capability to achieve the layered sounds that Nigel often uses (for instance, if I remember right, Nigel feeds a triplet delay into a quarter note delay on Mighty to Save).

You can get some very interesting sounds this way, so play around with it.  It is worth noting that since delay 1 is feeding delay 2, it is usually a good idea to have the feedback very low on delay 1 and set the feedback higher on delay 2 in order to give you a clean sound.

Hope this helps!  Make sure to share any interesting findings you may come across!


~ by mattjhuber on April 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Layered Delays with the Eventide Timefactor”

  1. Thanks so much for responding with this. That is what I was doing, except I had the feedback backwards. It was going kind of crazy on me. I also found a way to get pretty close to the sound by just running mono and blending the different timed delays. I love the timefactor pedal and will soon be selling my DL4 and echo park.

  2. thats really cool what you did with the timefactor. if you want to see how some other people use the timefactor check out this site for Eventide related articles.

  3. Huh?! Neat idea. I might see if I can do this with my DL-4 when I get the chance. It never occurred to me to do something useful with those extra in and outs.

  4. now, is nigel using 1/8t notes and then 1/4 or vise versa? and what delay type are you using on it. btw, id love to share some presets for the TF. If your interested email me:

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